Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House

Scary spider web designs throughout the home, the number thirteen represented around every corner. Chandeliers with thirteen candles, sink drains with exactly thirteen holes, and a stained glass window with a spider web motif and thirteen decorative stones are only a few of the significant spiritual elements of the Winchester Mystery  House in San Jose California.

The enormous mansion was the residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of Connecticut gun maker William Wirt Winchester. Shortly after being married, Sarah gave birth to a baby girl, who died only days later from a rare children’s disease. The loss drove Sarah into madness for over a decade, and although she did return to her normal self again, the couple remained childless.

Tragedy struck Sarah again when her beloved husband died of tuberculosis on March 7, 1881. Having nowhere else to go, Sarah turned to a medium for advice. The medium conducted a séance, in which her late husband informed her that there was a curse upon the family, and the spirits of those who died at the hands of a Winchester rifle were seeking vengeance. The medium instructed Sarah to head west and continually build a home for the spirits. She was given a grave warning: If building stopped, she would die.

And so the Winchester Mystery House was born. Guided by her husband’s spirit, Sarah headed west. With her vast inheritance, Sarah had a wide variety of local carpenters at her disposal, and for thirty six years, the workers constructed and deconstructed the home, one section at a time. Sarah employed twenty two carpenters on staff and work was done year round, twenty four hours a day.

As the days drug on, the house eventually grew to be seven stories high, and included numerous stairways to nowhere, doors that opened to deep drops, and upside down stair posts, along with various representations of the number thirteen. The house appears to be sheer madness, but in Sarah’s mind it was a way of confusing the vengeful spirits, who she believed were responsible for the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Sarah passed away at the age of 83, after a conference with the spirits in the séance room. Today, the home is a California Historical Landmark, and no one truly knows how many rooms exist within the home. A number of strange happenings have been reported at the house; mysterious footsteps that roam the maze-like structure, doorknobs that turn by themselves, and windows that shatter when they randomly slam shut.

Several ghost hunters, with the help of special equipment, have documented a variety of phenomena. Cameras outfitted with special infrared boosters have determined various cold spots, strange lights, and other creepy spiritual occupations. While the Winchester Mystery House definitely deserves the title as one of the largest haunted houses, its beauty and confusion that evoke madness draw attention to the spirits that wander the corridors. Every Friday the Thirteenth, the groundskeeper rings the large bell thirteen times on the thirteenth hour.

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bobby Mackey's Music World - Portal to Hell

Bobby Mackey's Music World – Portal to Hell

There’s something a little wild in Wilder, Kentucky. Bobby Mackey’s Music World is an old Honky Tonk club that’s suspected of having a portal to Hell in the very basement of the place. If the stories of the Devil playing a mean fiddle in the old country tunes are right, more than likely he’s visiting through the basement well at Bobby Mackey’s.
The club may currently enjoy a thriving nightlife, but the grounds on which the property stands has a tortured and bloody history. In the 1850’s, a slaughterhouse stood in the same location, and had a well installed in the floor to catch the dripping blood from the slaughtered animals. When the slaughterhouse closed, it’s suspected that a small satanic cult used the premises to worship and perform animal sacrifices, since disposal of the remains was easy.

One of the members of that small court was a prominent dental student named Scott Jackson, who found himself in the middle of pregnancy scandal with a wealthy Indiana farmer’s daughter, Pearl Bryan. Jackson attempted to perform an abortion on Pearl, using his dental tools, but he botched two attempts. Not knowing what to do with her, Jackson and his roommate, Alonzo Walling, drove to a secluded field in Kentucky, less than two miles from where Jackson secretly worshiped at the slaughterhouse. There, the two men decapitated Pearl Bryan while she was still alive, and took her head with them.

Eventually, both men were found guilty and sentenced to death, but were offered a deal if they revealed the location of Pearl’s head. Neither agreed, and to this day her head has not been found. It’s assumed that it was dropped down the well inside the slaughterhouse.  These men were the last hangings to take place in the county, and before their execution, the men vowed to haunt the slaughterhouse for all time.

Later, the a popular roadhouse and casino stood on the same grounds, and histories of murders and two confirmed suicides, one from a dancer named Johanna who tried to murder her father before taking her own life, and one of a casino owner named Buck. Both ghosts are assumed to haunt the building today.

Several television series, which use ghost hunting equipment have investigated Bobby Mackey’s Music World. From Ghost Adventures to Ghost Hunters, and even an early episode of Jerry Springer in 1991, have focused on the paranormal aspects at the club. A video of an exorcism being performed on the building’s caretaker, Carl Lawson, aired on the Springer episode.

Even with the best ghost hunting equipment and the most professional paranormalist, the basement of Bobby Mackey’s Music World is only a place the bravest dare to enter. There are tours for patron’s to experience Hell’s Portal for themselves, and testimonials claim hearing disembodied voices, visions of Johanna’s ghost, and objects moving on their own. Many have reported feeling ill when in the basement, and a decreased ability to breathe, like something was covering their mouth. With such a horrific history of things that have gone into that well, it’s only expected things should come out of it.
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