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Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill, Ireland – Haunted

Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill, Ireland – Haunted
Imagine a club where the members were known for tortuous deeds, blood sacrifice, drunkenness, deviant sexual acts, and devil worship. You might think of the Hell Fire Club. Scattered atop the Kelly green hills of the Irish countryside near Dublin lies one of the world’s most haunted places. Just shy of 300 years old, Montpelier Hill is rich with a terrifying history of paranormal events that scare even the most experienced ghost hunters.

Montpelier Hill was originally slated as a hunting lodge, built by William Conolly, who was the speaker of the Irish House of Commons. During construction, workers unearthed an ancient grave passage marked by a cairn. Wanting to make the most of the resources available, builders used some of the stones from the cairn in the construction of the lodge. And that’s when the story begins.

William Conolly died shortly after construction of the lodge, and his family rented the lodge to the Hell Fire Club, which consisted of some of the most elite Irishmen, including politicians and culturists. With a motto of “Do what thou wilt”, rumors began to surface that the Hell Fire Club was a place for sophisticates to let go, and participate in degenerative acts.

It is said that the Devil himself often visited the club, and stories suggest that club members were shocked to discover that a visiting poker player had hooves instead of feet. Modern day visitors to Montpelier Hill report a strong odour of brimstone.

Ghost hunting equipment has detected several ghosts in area, including a specific apparition who is offended by necklaces and often pulls at any jewellery worn around the neck, especially crucifixes. In one case, the ghost broke a tourist’s chain entirely.  Specialized equipment, along with eyewitness testimony has reported the agonizing screams of a woman who was likely a victim of one of the Hell Fire Club’s cruel games. It’s suggested that she was trapped in a barrel and set ablaze, left to roll endlessly down the hills while the members watched and laughed.

In an equally disturbing tale, the Killakee Stewards House is said to be haunted by the Black Cat of Killakee, which is an elemental spirit of an immense black cat with hauntingly red eyes that glow with fire. The spirit is thought to be the soul of a cat exorcised during a ritual sacrifice, but can also possibly be the result of the club setting a cat on fire and sending it into the wild. The premonition was confirmed in the 60’s, when workers renovating a nearby house reported suspicious activity, including the sight of the cat.

In the 70’s, a plumber working in the Stewards House found a small skeleton, said to be the corpse of a dwarf who was sacrificed during a one of the club’s black masses. The Hell Fire Club is considered one of the most haunted places in the world, and many tours and ghost hunting excursions are offered for those who dare to step foot atop Montpelier Hill.
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