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Gettysburg Battlefield – Most Haunted

Gettysburg Battlefield – Most Haunted

The site of the bloodiest single battle on American soil, Gettysburg stands as the most important battle of the Civil War, marking the true turning point where Union forces finally handed Robert E. Lee and his Confederate Army a real defeat which drove them from Northern soil forever.

The intensity of the battle and horrific number of casualties created a number of results, one of which occurred several months later when President Abraham Lincoln dedicated the battlefield and cemetery where so many had fallen with a short, two-minute speech that remains the most profound in US history.

However, many believe that the actual horror of the battlefield with so many casualties still resonates today with ghosts that have been reported over the decades by those who have travelled through the battlefield.

The Ghosts of Gettysburg

There have been many sightings over the years at the Gettysburg battlefield of ghost soldiers and the sounds of battle off in the distance. Given that for most of its existence, Gettysburg has been a rather quiet town, it has only added to the unique atmosphere that brings back the horror of the battle, the bravery of the soldiers and the intensity of the conflict.

Over the years, many people have brought ghost hunting equipment to the battlefield to determine if the visions and phantoms really do exist. While the evidence may not convince all, it certainly has been compelling over the years, especially for the believers who have recorded much in the way of evidence.

Phantoms: Many visitors over the years have reported seeing and even talking to people that turned out to be ghosts when they mysteriously disappear shortly after meeting them. Usually, the encounter is with someone whom they believed has simply dressed for the day as a soldier, only to vanish shortly after conversing with them.

Sounds of Battle: For others they hear the din of battle complete with sounds of muskets firing and cannons cracking in the distance. Screams and moans often accompany the sounds of the fighting as well. In some cases, people have actually recorded sounds which certainly reflect the battle itself.

Videos of Ghosts: There have been several videos popping up on YouTube over the years of what appears to be ghosts on the battlefield itself, most notably one shot by Tom Underwood in 2001 that is certainly interesting because it happened in broad daylight. 

Are the Ghosts Real?

Admittedly, even with ghost hunting equipment there is nothing conclusive about whether there are really ghosts at the Gettysburg battlefield. What can be said is that the entire area permeates with the history of the conflict and evokes strong feelings about the horror, carnage and intensity of the battle itself. With the many recognizable markers combined with the photos that were taken shortly after the battle, these images combine for many people as they stroll through the battlefield itself.

What’s most interesting is how many sightings have taken place during the daytime hours, something rather unusual for most ghost sightings. Although it will take more research with proper ghost hunting equipment along with some luck to prove conclusively that the ghosts really do exist, for many they are a reality that cannot be denied.
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