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Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania - Most Haunted Prison

Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania

Dedicated to public service in 1829, the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is not only one of the most haunted locations in the United States, but in the world as well. Located on Fairmount Ave, the ESP saw its last prisoner leave through the doors in 1971. Though founded with the notion of reform instead of punishment by utilizing the separate incarceration methods developed at the Walnut Street Jail, ESP was still a vicious and gruesome experience for those prisoners who survived to tell the tale.

Currently on the US register as a National historic landmark, ESP’s history is open to the public not only for daily tours, but also for paranormal research and investigation and has been utilized by several reputable teams with positive identification results.  Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, as well as MTV’s Fear have all placed teams on the grounds with claims to have collected substantial evidence of paranormal activity.

Other Notables from ESP

A trip to Philadelphia with the proper ghost hunting equipment  will not result in a waste of time, as spectral analysis results and thermal image captures are often successful for the well-outfitted hunter. Not only is the official record of the prison filled with sighting, they are corroborated by some of the most infamous figures in American crime such as Willie Sutton, who actually led a successful escape in order to flee the haunting he witnessed, and American crime boss Al Capone.

Researchers believe that the unique architectural design and splayed grounds are the focal point for local paranormal activity, driving spirits to shift and reside within the abandoned walls of the prison. Lack of nearby development due to unusual sightings has let the grounds surrounding the prison become wild and abandoned, with trees breaking though the wall’s exteriors to take root in the jail cells themselves in some locations.

Current Paranormal Research at Eastern State Penitentiary

2004 saw the first professional investigation of paranormal activity in ESP with the Atlantic Paranormal Society capturing digital film footage of spectral movement and formations. In 2007, a team specially formed by Most Haunted Live placed equipment as well as observers throughout the prison facility and ground with uninterrupted seven hour surveillance, capturing thermal images and collecting readings that again pointed to the extensive haunting activities of the facility.
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Jenny Dixon. The Beach, Hitchhiker and Ghost.

Jenny Dixon. The Beach, Hitchhiker and Ghost.


There is a beach named Jenny Dixon located at Norah Head on the Central Coast a fact which in itself bears no alarming significance. However what is of increasing significance to me is the stories of Jenny Dixon the hitchhiker and apparition. Fact or urban legend?

 I first heard of this young girl ghost named Jenny Dixon back in the early eighties.  It is said that she haunts Wilfred Barrett Drive (pictured) between Nora Head and The Entrance located on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales Australia.

As a paranormal investigator living on the Central Coast for the past eighteen years, I have a strong interest with this local reported haunting and hence have decided to go on a fact finding mission.

There have been many stories from locals over the years who truly believe that this young girl ghost named Jenny Dixon haunts the desolate stretch of road on Wilfred Barrett Drive between Norah Head and The Entrance. As a result of the many reported sightings and stories I am on a quest to find out the truth, as it is there somewhere.

I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories of this mystical apparition of a young female hitchhiker named Jenny Dixon on this deserted stretch of road late at night. There have been many reported sightings of this young girl over the decades, the most intriguing of which is the one of a police car picking up the young girl late one night. The story states that this young teenage girl known as Jenny Dixon jumped into the back of the police patrol car and as the officer was driving down Wilfred Barrett Drive the young girl simply disappeared from the car. To the police officers bewilderment there was no trace of the young girl whatsoever!

Legend has it that in the nineteen seventies, a young teenage girl named Jenny Dixon was hitching along Wilfred Barrett Drive late one evening. This girl was then picked up in a car by a group of five young men whom allegedly violently assault and repeatedly rape her, tragically ending with the young girl being brutally murdered.

No one was ever charged with the young teenage girl’s murder. However the story continues with rumours that five young local men believed to be involved in the murder all met with tragic fates themselves including suicides and accidents.

The fact is that there are no official reporting’s of a girl named Jenny Dixon being raped and murdered on or near Wilfred Barrett Drive, or any where else on the Central Coast. In fact there is no documented evidence of a girl named Jenny Dixon ever existing on the Central Coast. There have been reporting’s of several deaths on Wilfred Barrett Drive with most of these relating to  motor vehicle accidents commonly involving young men.

It is my opinion that Jenny Dixon never actually existed. Through a series of unrelated local events I believe that Jenny Dixon Beach was named as a result of a ship named Janet Dixon that sank near Cabbage Tree Harbour in 1871. Given that Jenny Dixon Beach is the closest reference point to the stretch of road on Wilfred Barrett Drive, I am of the opinion that rumoured sightings of an apparition close to Jenny Dixon Beach have over the years been translated to the ghost of Jenny Dixon.

For those who may be disappointed about the apparition of Jenny Dixon don’t be too concerned.  I do believe there to be an apparition on Wilfred Barrett Drive at Norah Head and I will explain my theory next article. This involves a true documented unsolved extremely violent murder of two sisters from Toukley NSW Central Coast.
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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Gettysburg Battlefield – Most Haunted

Gettysburg Battlefield – Most Haunted

The site of the bloodiest single battle on American soil, Gettysburg stands as the most important battle of the Civil War, marking the true turning point where Union forces finally handed Robert E. Lee and his Confederate Army a real defeat which drove them from Northern soil forever.

The intensity of the battle and horrific number of casualties created a number of results, one of which occurred several months later when President Abraham Lincoln dedicated the battlefield and cemetery where so many had fallen with a short, two-minute speech that remains the most profound in US history.

However, many believe that the actual horror of the battlefield with so many casualties still resonates today with ghosts that have been reported over the decades by those who have travelled through the battlefield.

The Ghosts of Gettysburg

There have been many sightings over the years at the Gettysburg battlefield of ghost soldiers and the sounds of battle off in the distance. Given that for most of its existence, Gettysburg has been a rather quiet town, it has only added to the unique atmosphere that brings back the horror of the battle, the bravery of the soldiers and the intensity of the conflict.

Over the years, many people have brought ghost hunting equipment to the battlefield to determine if the visions and phantoms really do exist. While the evidence may not convince all, it certainly has been compelling over the years, especially for the believers who have recorded much in the way of evidence.

Phantoms: Many visitors over the years have reported seeing and even talking to people that turned out to be ghosts when they mysteriously disappear shortly after meeting them. Usually, the encounter is with someone whom they believed has simply dressed for the day as a soldier, only to vanish shortly after conversing with them.

Sounds of Battle: For others they hear the din of battle complete with sounds of muskets firing and cannons cracking in the distance. Screams and moans often accompany the sounds of the fighting as well. In some cases, people have actually recorded sounds which certainly reflect the battle itself.

Videos of Ghosts: There have been several videos popping up on YouTube over the years of what appears to be ghosts on the battlefield itself, most notably one shot by Tom Underwood in 2001 that is certainly interesting because it happened in broad daylight. 

Are the Ghosts Real?

Admittedly, even with ghost hunting equipment there is nothing conclusive about whether there are really ghosts at the Gettysburg battlefield. What can be said is that the entire area permeates with the history of the conflict and evokes strong feelings about the horror, carnage and intensity of the battle itself. With the many recognizable markers combined with the photos that were taken shortly after the battle, these images combine for many people as they stroll through the battlefield itself.

What’s most interesting is how many sightings have taken place during the daytime hours, something rather unusual for most ghost sightings. Although it will take more research with proper ghost hunting equipment along with some luck to prove conclusively that the ghosts really do exist, for many they are a reality that cannot be denied.
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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bran Castle – Haunted Castle of Vlad "The Impaler"

Bran Castle – Romania

Bran Castle
Construction started in 1212 by Teutonic Knights as a wooden palisade, and the massive edifice soon grew to the imposing and menacing plastered stone structure standing today. As such, Bran Castle in Romania is known as the most haunted location, castle or otherwise, on the planet. Ghost hunters the world over hold this fortress on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia as the summit of their travelling exploits. Though it is one of several identified as ‘Dracula’s Castle,’ the castle Bran is most heavily identified as the true castle through the validation of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula. This element remains steadfast, as the castle was the home of Vlad III, viovode of Wallachia, who was the inspiration for Stoker’s title character.

Vlad III (The Impaler) of Wallachia (1448-1476) was infamous for his single handed success of turning back the Muslim hordes as they swept upward into Europe. Vlad was able to stall the marauding armies form the Middle East by staking victims for display on bloody wooden poles. The obscene sight not only terrified the arguably heathen hordes, but created a mass population of disembodied souls in the process. It was these mass slaughters that primed the region with spectral presence, and maintains Bran Castle as the most haunted location in the world.

Ghost Hunting Equipment
Ghost hunters making forays into the castle and surrounding environs rely on modern ghost hunting equipment to perform the sensitive tests required to indicate spectral activity. USB compatible EVP recorders, EMF meters, thermal cameras, and full spectrum digital video recorders make up the bulk of required pack-ins. Local supplies are limited and periodic at best, so it is recommended a well-supplied ghost hunter collect their gear before heading to this remote location. Several reliable online markets exist for this specialized equipment, such as Ghost Hunting Equipment.

About the Castle Grounds
The castle is currently open to the public as a museum, with specialized after-hours tours taking place during special events and seasons. Ghost Hunters and tourists alike can explore the interior in detail, either by themselves or with a well-trained guide. The grounds are open year round, and at the bottom of the perch, a small open air museum is situated to showcase traditional Romanian peasant structures.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill, Ireland – Haunted

Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill, Ireland – Haunted
Imagine a club where the members were known for tortuous deeds, blood sacrifice, drunkenness, deviant sexual acts, and devil worship. You might think of the Hell Fire Club. Scattered atop the Kelly green hills of the Irish countryside near Dublin lies one of the world’s most haunted places. Just shy of 300 years old, Montpelier Hill is rich with a terrifying history of paranormal events that scare even the most experienced ghost hunters.

Montpelier Hill was originally slated as a hunting lodge, built by William Conolly, who was the speaker of the Irish House of Commons. During construction, workers unearthed an ancient grave passage marked by a cairn. Wanting to make the most of the resources available, builders used some of the stones from the cairn in the construction of the lodge. And that’s when the story begins.

William Conolly died shortly after construction of the lodge, and his family rented the lodge to the Hell Fire Club, which consisted of some of the most elite Irishmen, including politicians and culturists. With a motto of “Do what thou wilt”, rumors began to surface that the Hell Fire Club was a place for sophisticates to let go, and participate in degenerative acts.

It is said that the Devil himself often visited the club, and stories suggest that club members were shocked to discover that a visiting poker player had hooves instead of feet. Modern day visitors to Montpelier Hill report a strong odour of brimstone.

Ghost hunting equipment has detected several ghosts in area, including a specific apparition who is offended by necklaces and often pulls at any jewellery worn around the neck, especially crucifixes. In one case, the ghost broke a tourist’s chain entirely.  Specialized equipment, along with eyewitness testimony has reported the agonizing screams of a woman who was likely a victim of one of the Hell Fire Club’s cruel games. It’s suggested that she was trapped in a barrel and set ablaze, left to roll endlessly down the hills while the members watched and laughed.

In an equally disturbing tale, the Killakee Stewards House is said to be haunted by the Black Cat of Killakee, which is an elemental spirit of an immense black cat with hauntingly red eyes that glow with fire. The spirit is thought to be the soul of a cat exorcised during a ritual sacrifice, but can also possibly be the result of the club setting a cat on fire and sending it into the wild. The premonition was confirmed in the 60’s, when workers renovating a nearby house reported suspicious activity, including the sight of the cat.

In the 70’s, a plumber working in the Stewards House found a small skeleton, said to be the corpse of a dwarf who was sacrificed during a one of the club’s black masses. The Hell Fire Club is considered one of the most haunted places in the world, and many tours and ghost hunting excursions are offered for those who dare to step foot atop Montpelier Hill.
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